Ein Prosit to Oktoberfest



Although it has become a tradition wherever beer is drunk, Oktoberfest has its roots in a royal wedding celebration held in Munich in 1810. The bulk of the festival takes place in September, with the festivities concluding on the first Sunday in October, after two weeks of prodigious eating and drinking.

Although only six breweries from the Munich area are allowed to serve beer at the city’s Oktoberfest no such restrictions apply in Cayman.

The traditional beer of Oktoberfest used to be Märzen, a dark, strong beer that used to be brewed in March and aged through summer to be ready to drink in October. However, the modern palate has influenced the beer served, with somewhat lighter (though definitely not lite) beers becoming more popular.

A wide variety of domestic and international beers are available in Cayman. So whether you are looking to try something new or are hankering for a taste of home, local distributors have you covered.

Choosing the right food for the event is also vital to the party’s success.

Traditional Oktoberfest food includes all manner of dishes, but it just would not be Oktoberfest without sausage.

Bratwurst is probably the most well-known of the sausage types associated with the festival. It goes well with sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and a selection of mustards.

A warm Bavarian-style potato salad is also a perfect side dish.   WH


Stephen Clarke