Forget your troubles at the Blue Lagoon

Just because we live in paradise doesn’t mean every day is paradise.

So it’s a good thing we have places like the Blue Lagoon Resort to escape to when life gets to be more then we can handle.

Nestled in one of the most isolated places in Cayman, locals and visitors will find the solace and tranquillity they are looking for without the big price tag.

Designed for domestic tourism, this is the perfect place for locals in need of a little rest and relaxation to come and wind down, soak in the atmosphere and bask in the casual, no frills attitude that can only be found in this little part of the world.

Located on the south end of Little Cayman, overlooking the entire south hole, this 12-room resort is one of the most popular getaways on the Island.

It’s easy to understand why; one look at the stunning views exclusive to this resort and you’ll be sold. Add in the friendly and attentive staff and you’ll never want to leave.

Don’t let the Blue Lagoon’s casualness fool you; sure, hammocks are on hand if you just want to lie around, but there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Best known for its fishing and diving, Blue Lagoon owner Gary Bodden says they are expanding their water sports activities.

Kayaks will soon be available to guests so they can paddle over to nearby Owen Island and enjoy the secluded beach for the day.

Spending a day in the sun is bound to work up an appetite, not to mention a thirst and with a bar/restaurant on site boasting fresh fish, the best burgers on the island along with a full menu of tasty delights ranging from quesadillas to salads it’s no wonder locals and tourists flock to the Blue Lagoon’s watering hole.

It just happens to be the only place on the Island you can get a frozen tropical concoction that songs are written about.

So when you have to escape the craziness of everyday life, remember there’s a hammock at the Blue Lagoon waiting for you – all that’s required is that you lie back and enjoy the view.   WH