Come by boat for something Genuine

Many Cayman traditions have close ties with the sea. With the opening of The Harbour and The Crescent, the Town of Camana Bay is building on those traditions by being accessible by sea.
The Crescent opened in October 2009 and made its grand debut in December 2009 with Cayman 27’s Parade of Lights Boat Parade. Thousands turned out for the return of a tradition that had not taken place since 2003 and the beauty of The Crescent, and its access by water and wonderful open spaces were experienced by all those that attended.
A new tradition is in the making with the opening of the first of what will eventually be three waterways connecting Camana Bay to the  North Sound, and with it, the June debut of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink restaurant on The Crescent.
The ample free docking space, (located just off The Island and connected to The Crescent by bridge,) makes Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink just a short boat ride away, conveniently located and easily accessible. Whether arriving for a casual lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch, you have the option of dining in air-conditioned comfort or on the patio with the sea breeze. Of course, there is still plenty of parking for those who would rather arrive by car.
While there is no doubt that Seven Mile Beach is the place to go for a walk on the beach or a swim in the amazingly clear, sandy bottomed sea, the North Sound is the place to go for boating, snorkelling, visiting with friends and spending time with the friendly Southern stingrays at Stingray City and the sandbar – all activities that stir up a hearty appetite!
Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is a perfect option for those who are still a little damp and salty from a day on the North Sound but want more than a picnic lunch. The Crescent’s fountain will delight and entertain children while they wait for their meal to arrive. The simple, fresh and pure menu offers a wide array of plates from small to large that let sustainably-sourced, high quality ingredients shine.
Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink will be open daily, serving dinner (effective Wednesday 2 June from 5.30pm), lunch (effective Monday 14 June from 11.30am) and Sunday Brunch (from 27 June starting at 11am) and don’t miss Happy Hour, Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm starting on Wednesday 2 June. For more information, on Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, visit the restaurant website at and its blog,   WH

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