Cuddle up to Kaibo

Heading out to Rum Point is a regular weekend pastime for many. However, the drive out, even though short, can be daunting, at least by Island terms.
For a true breakaway from it all, spending the weekend in Kaibo can be just about the most relaxing things you can do in Cayman.
There are numerous condos and villas that can be rented in Kaibo and the quiet waters and white sands right outside your door makes for a perfect break, while there is no sign of the crowds that seem to descend on Seven Mile Beach every weekend.
Of course, a walk up the beach will bring you to Kaibo Yacht Club, where you can sit on the sand while enjoying their famous mudslides, or try any of the wide selection of light meals on the menu. In the evening, head to Upstairs for a true gourmet dining experience.
A stroll in the other direction will take you to Rum Point, probably the most popular spot away from Seven Mile Beach. However, as you will not have to look for parking, no matter how busy Rum Point becomes, you will have no problems. Of course, if you can squeeze in a midweek break, so much the better, as the Easter Districts tend to be dead quiet during the week and you are likely to own Kaibo and Rum Point.
Kaibo offers the perfect location to kick back and relax on the beach with something cool, while Rum Point offers excellent snorkelling, especially suited to beginners, as well as other watersports options.
When in Kaibo, do not forget to book a bioluminescence tour. This unique natural phenomenon is truly spectacular, and the sheltered waters close to Kaibo are the perfect place to experience it.
However, in spite of the party atmosphere on the weekends, the watersports and the glowing creatures in the water – the simple pleasures – should never be underestimated.The best thing about waking up in Kaibo is the amazing quiet that can be found in few other places on the Island. Few things are as relaxing as an early morning cup of coffee sitting on the porch, staring out over the tranquil water, with scarcely another soul
in sight.   WH


Stephen Clarke