Pirates Den

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Known as PD’s to locals, Pirates Den has been around for some 20 years, making it one of the best established restaurants and bars in Cayman. Located in Galleria Plaza on West Bay Road, PDs is conveniently divided into two sections – a sports bar on the one side and a restaurant on the other. According to George Christy, the manager at PD’s, the venue draws a wide-ranging clientele, from a solid local base in the restaurant to a strong resident presence in the sports bar.

“The food that we do here is very good pub style food, and the people enjoy it, especially the local people,” says George.

“We change the menu a couple of times a year, but the wings, the shrimp and the quesadillas are basically what this business is. All the sauces are made here, so that’s what we’re known for. We do a variety of pasta dishes and steaks as well, so it’s pretty diverse.”

When it comes to beer, Caybrew is a big seller for PD’s, but George has also seen a very positive response to the brewery’s other products.

“They’ve come up with a dark beer, the Ironshore Bock, which is very good,” he says.

According to George, having a local brewery the calibre of Caybrew is quite important to the Cayman Islands.

“I think it is important for us here – when people come to the Islands they have another thing that they can do while they’re here. They want to dive and all that good stuff, but everybody likes to go to the brewery and try the local beer so it’s another good attraction for people here,” says George.

When it comes to the Gold Member programme, George sees it as an excellent opportunity to educate the staff on the brewing process and what makes a good beer.

“It’s a good idea to do it, for them to see it and know how the process is done, how it comes about,” he says.   WH