Summer is Staycation time

Living on a tropical island is something residents of the Cayman Islands take for granted. Yet what many view as home is a vacation paradise for visitors. Although the winter tourist season can be somewhat crowded, summer is the perfect time to experience Cayman through the eyes of a tourist.

Many resorts offer special local residents rates, making a quick weekend break away from home a great option. A staycation is also much less stressful, as you can get away without going away. No passports, no immigration lines, no customs going through your suitcase – just quick and easy relaxation.

Many people find the idea of renting a room on an island where you already live a little bit strange. However, even though you can do almost every touristy thing while staying at home, there are too many things that remind you of daily life, so it does not feel like a vacation. However, living right on the beach and not having to worry about cooking, cleaning, or anything else can be pure bliss.

Add to that the convenience of being able to quickly head home and pick up whatever you forgot to pack and you have a sure winner.

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association launched its summer staycation initiative last year to a great response from the community.

The initiative drives business during the traditionally slow summer season and allows residents to experience their own island. It also ensures that money is injected into the economy rather than flowing off island when people take vacations.

So this summer, instead packing your bags for the same of off-island destination, experience everything that Cayman has to offer and find out why visitors rave about the vacation destination we call home.   WH


For more information on the Tourism Association’s staycation specials, visit