A howling good Halloween

Gather ye ghouls and ye ghosties – it’s Halloween once again! As the 31st of October approaches, we begin delving into the boxes of wigs, hats and clothes normally reserved for Lady Gaga on the red carpet in order to dazzle at one of the myriad parties being held island-wide. Halloween is dress-up for adults, and as this year it falls on a Sunday, you can expect a weekend of fun, frolic and FABulous music!

Anyone who has lived on the island for at least a couple of months will be familiar with the Wharf’s monthly celebration of all things retro and disco. They’re going to up the ante on Friday, 29 October with a Disco Fever so hot the mercury will shoot right through the roof! It’s time for a Celebration, so be a Dancing Queen and Boogie Oogie Oogie! Afros, bellbottoms and any other questionable fashion choices are more than welcome when they turn back the clock to the sparkling 70s. There will be lots of prizes up for grabs. Make sure you get there early and wear your dancin’ shoes. You’re gonna need ‘em!

Have you ever attended the Great Monster Bash at Treasure Island Resort? If not, where have you been lo these many years? This wildly popular annual event is held in the huge open-air reception with every Frankenstein, Dracula and Zombie within a 50-mile radius heading in that direction like moths to a flame. This year it is scheduled for Saturday, 30 October with an awesome DJ, sponsorship from Z99 radio station, prizes (Best Costume is one of the competitions so make sure you’re dressed for success) and drink specials. There’s no way you can miss this place – just make your way down the main strip and follow the masses. You’ll definitely want to attend this spook-tacular night!

Coconut Joe’s has been celebrating Halloween ever since Casper became a friendly ghost. In fact, one year they even put the entire place into costume – turning it into a Hooters for just a day. This resident and tourist favourite will be gearing up for the festivities, and as Sunday is one of their busiest nights of the week, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the midst of a huge crowd on the official Halloween date this year.

Aqua Beach is just a stone’s throw down away from Coconut Joe’s in the heart of West Bay Road and all the action. Known for live music, great DJs, two bars and awesome drink specials, expect them to rev it up a notch on the last weekend in October. You can get into the spirit and the groove by joining them for their Jam night on Thursday. The music is the treat; the trick is up to you!

Various other bars on the island have celebrated in the past, and therefore will be natural hangouts for their loyal patrons. Sunset House My Bar is always a great stop on the journey, located on the other side of George Town Harbour. Although Calico Jack’s has nothing major planned for Halloween itself, they will be having their monthly Full Moon Party on the weekend before, so perhaps that night would be an excellent opportunity for would-be werewolves to test out their howl in advance.

When the bars close, the revellers continue on to the various nightclubs on the island which will serve up the music until the wee hours. Don’t be surprised to see something like a scene out of Thriller on the dance floors when you show up, and prepare for very busy nights. O Bar and Jet are bound (like a mummy) to be hoppin’.

No matter what your plans for Halloween, be aware that the police will be out in force on the roads, and you don’t want to find out the hard way that those are uniforms – not costumes.

Choose a designated driver, take a taxi or simply lurch along the pavement if you’re planning to drink. Wear some sort of reflective garb in low-light areas. Halloween can be lots of fun. It allows us all to dress up like kids again, and mingle with all manner of man, monster and beastie. Enjoy it safely!   WH