DJ Ice-T

Night life in the Cayman Island has received a boost of energy from Rollaz International Sound System’s premier disc jockey, Ice-T.

The young man, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, has come a long way on his musical journey, starting out with the world famous Renaissance Sound in 2000, before teaming up with Body Guard Sound from 2001 to 2007 and then moving on to Red Diamond International, before forming his current posse, Rollaz International.

In fact, the first time the DJ came to the Cayman Islands was under the Body Guard umbrella. However, after locally based Red Diamond Sound heard the DJ, they asked him to come to the Cayman Islands and join their team as a selecta, as DJs are known in the Caribbean. The banquet table was set and party goers have been feasting on DJ Ice-T’s infectiously hypnotising brand of versatility and energy.

The DJ says that after playing with the Red Diamond initially in Grand Cayman, he launched with Rollaz International, which was more of a personal brand for him, as it bears a name he devised.

Now married and living in Grand Cayman, DJ Ice-T, like many other DJs of today, said he is hoping to also get involved in making music. This is becoming a norm in the art form, as DJs, realising their unique understanding and ‘finger on the pulse of what revellers want’ have begun to etch out a culture of production amid their direct duties in the discothèque.
As a result, DJ Ice-T has built his own studio in the Industrial Park area of George Town.

“I am serious about getting some of the talent in Cayman to a wider market and this studio will be for anyone who wants to make a better life,” he explains.

Ice-T is no overnight story though and his beginnings were steeped in music, as his father was also a musician. He says his first real inspiration to get involved with the discipline was at school, where he studied to be a technician and was so successful that upon doing his final practical, the sound system he built was almost purchased by one of the parents who came to the exhibition.
He later used that same sound system to get enough money to get a bigger one and the story of Ice-T was born.

Able to DJ most any style of music, the musical connoisseur says though many people think his name comes from the popular American rapper, it was actually the result of a dual in which he won the title as the community’s top DJ and everyone said the way he dealt with the occasion was as cold as iced tea.

The DJ and the Rollaz International syndicate can be seen at most popular night clubs around Grand Cayman, as well as official events.   WH