George Davidson: Miracle maker on the keys

About the Author:
George Nowak

Cayman has never been famous for its night life, simply because there is so little of it. Sure we have a few DJs spinning the latest ear-pounding dance hall and hip-hop. Then a small number of Cayman based bands such as Local Motion who specialise in sweet reggae, Bob Moseley in down-home country, Sea n’ B in tropical-jazz or Hi Tide with their smooth pop stylings.

On Grand Cayman, George Davidson is in a league of his own, performing romantic and enchanting piano music in the lobby of the Westin Casuarina Resort. Listening to George makes me want to put on a jacket, tie and shoes… on second thought, cancel the shoes part. It’s music you can talk over, without falling asleep. Feel-good type of music that makes you want to have a couple of cocktails and hold your wife’s hand. Reminiscing tunes that take you back to some special moment. His repertoire includes romantic favourites, French love songs, show tunes, and original compositions. With some 10 albums and 200,000 sales to his credit, George’s extraordinary talent is not only delighting fans in the Cayman Islands, but also around the world.

George Davidson’s love for the piano began in the late 70s as he was growing up on Guernsey, a small island off the coast of France. His passion for the instrument continued and he has proven himself to be extremely gifted. He began his professional career as a pianist at the age of 17 performing at the Hyatt Resort and his fingers haven’t stopped dancing across the ivory since.

Nowadays George is a busy man shuffling between music, family and his real-estate business. After a short off-season break George starts back at the Westin this month performing several nights per week. If you are looking for a little low-key night life, George Davidson is a like a breath of fresh air. His music soothes, relaxes and inspires all at the same time – he is truly a miracle maker on the piano.

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