Take a look at Hannah Cook

Hannah Cook is probably one of the best kept secrets on the island. An incredibly talented and diverse artist, the majority of her works is in private collections and therefore not easily viewed by the general public. That’s all about to change this month. On 28 October her first show will be opening in the Strand at Paperman’s Coffeehouse, and finally everyone can see what they’ve been missing.

Born in the UK, Hannah honed her skills through experience, studying a variety of media, and receiving guidance from such noticeable, eminent artists as William Cochran. She moved to the Cayman Islands and started up her own business, soon gathering an impressive client base thanks to word spreading about how she could transform a simple wall into a thing of beauty. Some of Hannah’s trompe l’oeil masterpieces have to be seen to be believed, converting a two-dimensional canvas into a three-dimensional feast for the eyes. She is also well known for her mosaics which have graced the walls of Cracked Conch, Full of Beans, La Bodega and now the floor of The Cabana in Camana Bay.

Hannah had long been looking for a charity to which she could contribute and she finally found Stay-Focused – a non-profit organisation that provides scuba diving training for disabled teens and young adults. She is therefore running a competition to raise funds by asking people to guess how many individual mosaic pieces were used to create the stunning mosaic at The Cabana. It is $5 per guess, and you can guess as many times as you like. The person closest to the correct number will win an original artwork by Hannah.

Hannah’s show at Paperman’s will feature a number of different pieces, from acrylic on bamboo to mosaics and prints. The majority of the works will be framed by John Bird of Martlet Design, an artist in his own right when it comes to woodworking, and all will be available for purchase with an option of frame finishes. As they sell, they will be replaced by new items.

The extraordinary thing about Hannah’s talent is how it is constantly evolving. She is the first person to admit that with every new job or commission, she is learning new techniques and discovering fresh ways to convert simple surfaces and materials into works of art. Sculpture, paintings, mosaics… she can turn her hand to almost anything.

The opening night of her show will be invitation only, and then it will run for four weeks until 28 November. Paperman’s is the perfect venue, as excellent coffee, sandwiches and pastries are easily at hand. Everyone should take the time to go and see this young woman’s work and realise for themselves why she is constantly in such high demand.

As Mr. Cochran said: “Hannah Cook is a thoroughly professional artist with a vibrant, magical style. Her dedication and focus are expressed in every project she executes. She is versatile and imaginative, with strong creative instincts that allow her to capture the essence of her subjects and lift the mood of all who see her work. A true artist in every sense of the word.”

Who knows? Maybe the original Hannah Cook you buy today will be considered a treasure when it turns up on the Antiques Roadshow 50 years from now!

If you would like to learn more about Hannah, her background and her portfolio, you can look at her website hannahcook.com. To find out more about Stay-Focused and the amazing work they do for the disabled, please see their site at stay-focused.org.    WH