Active inspiration for summer fashion

Year round warm weather certainly has its upsides – after all, any of our northern neighbours would pay good money for a shot at a year-round tan.

However, staying cool yet fashionable in the heat of summer can be a challenge.

According to Jodi Hunter of Funky Monkey, the key is selecting fabrics that are comfortable and breathe well. With the yoga roots of the company, comfortable clothes are a given, but through the selection of brands, Jodi says she wants to ensure that everything in the store is fashionable as well. Yet regardless of what she adds to the line-up, comfort remains part of the core philosophy, so you can have clothes that are designed with an active lifestyle in mind, but can be worn without everyone assuming that you’re on your way to the gym.

Of course, as temperatures go up and thoughts turn to the beach, fashion can become a bit more of a challenge. After all, there is only so much one can really do with three square inches of fabric…

This lifestyle brand has deep roots in surf and skate culture, and the clothes are designed with an active lifestyle in mind, which makes is a perfect fit for the Cayman summer. Whether you are just lounging around the pool, spending a lazy day on the beach, or taking part in watersports activities or beach volleyball, the line has something for everyone.

“A lot of people are asking for its because it isn’t anywhere else on the island. People love it – we started with just the suits and some board shorts for guys, but now they’re asking for the t-shirts, regular shorts, while for the girls they also do dresses,” says Jodi.

Quiksilver Girls & QSW
(Quicksilver Womens)
Long a favourite in the surf and skate community, Quiksilver Girls and QSW bring the same modern classic designs to women’s beach wear that has characterised the men’s line. There is a focus on soft fabrics and attention to detail, while the brand shies away from bringing out collections in the traditional sense of the word, rather focussing on a classic look that can withstand changing trends while remaining fashionable.

Banana Moon
If you’re looking for something a little different, Banana Moon may be a good option. With a touch of Californian attitude along with a healthy helping of French flair, this beach wear company out of Monaco is another unique swimwear offering, with Jodi describing it as “sort of a French version of Roxy.”

“It is really well made, with great lines, cuts, and patterns, and at a really nice price point to.”

“The line we’re bringing in for the beachwear is Banana Moon out of Monaco and it’s sort of a French version of Roxy. Really made well, great lines, cuts and patterns and the price point is really nice.”

Agua Bendita
Anyone looking for a truly special swimsuit should take a look at Agua Bendita. This Columbian brand started out very small but has gone global, with the swimsuits appearing regularly in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

“All the suits are like works of art. The detail that goes into them is amazing. They’re just gorgeous,” says Jodi.

The suits feature vibrant colours and designs, often giving the impression of a collection of dissimilar items brought together to form a work of art. Not surprising, as the first suits produced by the company founders were created from small pieces of sample fabric joined together in stunning swimsuits. WH