Chillin’ by the pool


It’s summer in Cayman and the heat is on, with everyone
scurrying for a spot in the shade somewhere. Even the evenings are sweltering,
so once the sun goes down, a cool spot is still high on the list of priorities.

Now back when you were eight years old, the answer would
have been a no-brainer – just throw a pool party. It dawned on the folks at
Royal Palms that adults are not immune to the lure of a pool party either, so
on a Saturday night, the place to be is the Royal Palms pool for the only late
night pool party on Seven Mile Beach.

After all, what could be better than plunging into the pool,
floating over to the bar, and sipping on your favourite cocktail?

If you think nothing could be better, what about if you were
to add a massive ice luge coming down the middle of the pool bar? Yes, they
have that as well – nothing says chill quite like an ice luge.

“All you have to do is swim up with a couple of dollars and
then you get the shot coming down the luge,” says Phil Walsh of Royal Palms.

Phil is also quick to point out that when Royal Palms does a
pool party, it is an adults only affair, so you can be assured there will be no
children splashing around and getting water in whatever you were hoping to have

“There is an entire beach section for families, so we are
not excluding anyone, but the pool is for adults,” says Phil.

That should give you plenty of space to unleash your inner
child, and with the inflatables out in the pool, you won’t need much prompting.

The soundtrack for the party is top 10 hits from the past 20
years with DJ Djonsian on the decks, while the fuel for the party comes in the
form of Corona bucket specials, Veuve Clicquot glass specials, and, according
to Phil, Seven Mile Beach’s lowest bottle service price on Grey Goose,

Of course, after a night like that, even the strongest will
in the world might have a tough time making it out of bed in time for brunch,
which is a great reason to make use of the Stoli Rehab party by the pool from
1pm to 4pm. With X107 hosting the party, it is just the spot to get your Sunday
started again, at your own pace.

“Just come down, chill out by the pool and listen to some
decent music,” says Phil.

With $5 Mojitos, Caesar’s, Bloody Mary’s and Champagne
cocktails, it might be just the thing you need.

“Kind of the hair of the dog that bit you the night before,”
says Phil with a mischievous grin.

So grab a cabana poolside with a couple of friends, sit back
with something cool, and just enjoy the fact that it’s the weekend and you live
on a tropical island.


For more information on Royal Palms, call 945-6358


Chillin by the pool