Gentlemen start your‘staches

It’s that time of year again, when men have an excuse to grow a mo’, despite the protestations of their significant others, all for a good cause.

MOvember is an awareness and fundraising event for male cancers, with the funds raised going to the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Although the event has a serious message, the spirit is one of fun, with a number of events lined up for the month of MOvember.

It kicks off with a MOpening ceremony on Tuesday 1 MOvember at Coconut MO’s (Coconut Joes for those who haven’t quite caught on yet…).

The event serves as the official signup for the month, with professional and celebrity shavers present to make sure nobody gets a head start on their month of mo cultivation. Add in a barbecue and Budweiser specials and you’re set for a great start to a memorable month.

To be certain that everyone keeps the MOtivation going throughout MOvember, there will be a Mid-MO educational night on 17 MOvember, to be held at the Lions Center in partnership with the Lions Club of Grand Cayman. The assembled MO bros will be addressed by a speaker on prostate cancer, while the Cancer Society will provide information and conduct free screenings.

“We did this for the first time last year, and it was a huge success – nearly 200 people attended, and we are hoping for a big increase over that this year,” says event organiser Tim Rossiter.

The big finale will take place on 30 MOvember when the MO Bros and MO Sistas hit MOgaritaville for the MOsquerade Ball. This massive fancy dress party will feature a face-off between the MO Bros as they compete in a number of different categories, with the each category winner progressing to the grand final where the Man of MOvember will be decided.

There will also be a prize for the best MO Sista (Dress Up) as well as the biggest corporate fundraiser and biggest individual fundraiser.

The event raises funds for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society through the participation fees of the MO Bros, the sponsorship fees which the MO Bros collect as they make their way through MOvember, as well as money raised through the MOvember events.

To date, MOvember has raised $300,000, with a record $70,000 being raised last year.

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Know your Mo 

There are a number of categories for those looking to become the Man of MOvember, so knowing which one suits you is vital. 



 Trucker       the perfect complement for a cap and dark glasses.
 Ginger    just the thing for those who tend to see red when they look in the mirror
 Under 12   for those who take five days to grow a five o’clock shadow.
 Magnum PI   for the men brave enough to wear loud Hawaiian shirts (no red Ferrari required)
 Open   for whatever style you can cultivate in a month, be it a  Fu Manchu, a Charlie Chaplin or the Wolverine look.