Where seafood and art mix

Lunch is usually a rather rushed affair, with getting back to the office in time often taking precedence over enjoying a good meal.

When it comes to selecting a lunch spot, there are a couple of elements most office dwellers look out for – good food, convenient location, and quick service. However, if you can add a view over George Town harbour and some real atmosphere, all the better.

 This is what makes Guy Harvey’s Island Grill such an excellent lunchtime option. With the paintings of noted conservationist and artist Guy Harvey adorning the walls of the establishment, there is a nautical thread that runs through the entire restaurant, from the view to the menu, which features a wide selection of seafood as well as a host of other menu options.

 In keeping with the conservation mission of its namesake, the restaurant is Sea Sense compliant, serving only sustainable fish rather than putting added pressure on already depleted species like the grouper.

 Whether you choose a seat on the patio overlooking the harbour, or in the air conditioned comfort of the dining room, the restaurant is close enough to downtown to allow enough time to enjoy lunch, while there is ample parking behind the restaurant as well for those who have to come from a little bit further afield.

 A relatively recent addition to the restaurant’s kitchen is Chef Indika Kumara, Cayman’s Chef of the Year for 2009, who joins Chef Bruno Deluche keeping the restaurant as one of the top eateries on the waterfront.

 According to Chef Bruno, around lunchtime the staff keep an eye open for those on a business lunch in order to be certain they can get back to the office on time (if they are so inclined) although the venue is perfect for a long, leisurely lunch.

 If you do choose to follow the seafood route for lunch, the conch fritters or lobster bisque make for excellent starters, while the selection of fish – snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna, or salmon – grilled or pan fried and prepared in a wide-ranging choice of styles is sure to find favour with everyone who appreciated quality seafood. Then there are the daily specials, which are always worth a look.

 Of course, Guy Harvey’s Island Grill is not just a lunch spot, and with nightly specials as well as a unique Sunday brunch, the restaurant has much more to offer. The restaurant also serves a four course prix fixe menu which changes every week, which at $30 should not be missed. WH

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Stephen Clarke