D docta prescribes music

Not many DJs can say they have been immersed in music from the time of their birth, but after having been born right in front of a night club, Aaron ‘D Docta’ can boast that his arrival didn’t miss a beat.

“My house was in front of a night club in Roatan, Honduras, and as a child I can remember the bass from the parties next door rattling my zinc roof,” he joked, adding that he even ended up playing at that very same club when he was about 15 years old. When it comes to the topic of playing music for audiences and delivering his signature feel good style of spinning records, D Docta minced no words in telling the tale of how his journey led him to become one of the most celebrated DJ’s in the Cayman Islands.

“My love for music has always been a driving force in my life and from my early days of sneaking out of the house to play music for nightclubs during Christmas Eve and things like that, I naturally gravitated toward radio, which naturally became the next step for me.”

With a name like D Docta, the DJ admits that people are often curious about the origin of his moniker and the story behind its coming to life. He tells the story about the incident that led to his now renowned title.

“Back in the late 1990s, I was running late for a party because I had to pick up a lady friend of mine who happened to be pregnant at the time. Well it was not long after doing so that her water burst and I had to take her to the hospital. By the time I got to the party, everyone was looking for me and when I told them what had happened, they started calling me D Docta.”

With a genuine love for music and all genres it has to offer, D Docta says he plays Caribbean, Latin, disco and anything else the party and right atmosphere require.

Having moved to the Cayman Islands from Honduras over 10 years ago, D Docta was instrumental in launching “Caliente,” a Latin night that has gone on for an equal amount of time.

“When I came to the Cayman Islands I was looking to expand, as I was outgrowing things in Roatan and the music just kind of followed me,” he reveals. “I am just a down-to-earth person and in this business you have to be. Your fans are the most important part of what you do and they can make you or break you, so you have to be accessible and create a positive atmosphere because positive attracts positive.”

D Docta says his fondest memories during his career include interviewing Gregory Isaacs and Beres Hammond on the air. The DJ jokes that his dream gig would be playing for Halle Berry’s divorce party. WH

D Docta

D docta