A change of pace


 Deep Sea Diver 

The Blue Lagoon Bar located at Kingston Bight, Little Cayman is unlike your typical watering hole in Grand Cayman. There are no beer tab handles or huge wide screen TV sets, no bartenders attempting to impress the customer by twirling bottles of rum in the air, and no air conditioning.

Who needs all that when you have a cool ocean breeze, a spectacular view of alluring Owen’s Island and Grace Sangbann – a proud Igorot native of Baguio City, Philippines? Grace has been bartending at Gary Bodden’s Blue Lagoon Bar for over four years and she just loves the simple, lingering allure of Little Cayman.

“Stress does not exist here,” says Grace.

“My hometown in the Philippines has a population of 250,000. Compare that to Little Cayman’s 170 populace – it’s like jumping from a bathtub into a tea pot”.

In Little Cayman life moves at a slow pace: the only thing that moves fast are the land crabs scurrying across the road. The average Blue Lagoon patron visits so habitually that Grace has their favourite drink poured before they get out of their car. On weekends, or in fact anytime the mood strikes, Grace heats up the karaoke machine and entertains the gathering with her rendition of Filipino-style country music.

The more adventurous tourists also find their way to Kingston Bight for a taste of Grace’s house specialty – The Deep Sea Diver.

On your next Little Cayman jaunt make sure to pay Grace a visit at the Blue Lagoon Bar. By the way, the spectacular sunsets are free. WH