A Christmas card island tunes

It’s almost time to go Christmas card shopping. Yes, those same boring old Christmas cards you have been sending for years, with those same old verses – Joy to the world, Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth…

The Barefoot Man and friends have a different suggestion for this year’s mail outs. It’s the 14-song Christmas card.

Here’s how it works: Inside each 8” by 6” Christmas card there is a separate download card which is the size of a credit card. Each card has a different access code. Mail this card to your family, friends or customers.

They will visit the designated web site included on the card and then use their access code to download the entire 14 song Christmas album to an iPod, computer, iPad, whatever- at no charge to them. Best of all, you can post it just like any other Christmas card.

The 14 song album includes such Cayman classics as Santa got a Sunburn, Andy Martin’s Old Time Cayman Christmas, Silent Night all day Long, Christmas Island, Christmas feeling, Christmas comes around much more than you, I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, and plenty more – 14 tropical Christmas songs. Don’t forget to mail early for overseas posting.

The cards come in packs of six cards with six envelopes and six 14 song download cards for $35.

For more information call 947-2197 or email barefoot@candw.ky.