A realistic approach to looking fabulous

Most women will, at some point in their lives, have experienced feeling uncomfortable, even intimidated, when walking into an upscale clothing boutique, filled with expensive designer garments in minute sizes.

Off the Peg is the antidote to all this: for the past nine years, owner Karen Marshall and her staff have made it their mission to make women feel comfortable and at ease in her store. They want to help their customers find an outfit that makes them look and feel beautiful, whatever the occasion.

“There’s a trust that has grown between myself and OTP’s regular customers,” says Karen.

“They know we do our best styling them. I want more than anything to make them feel confident in what they’re wearing.”

Whether it’s casual wear, work outfits or evening dresses, Karen keeps one eye on current trends and styles, but the other is firmly trained on real women, with real body types. She avoids playing into the fashion hype too much, recognising that not every person is the shape of a supermodel and will not therefore be flattered by clothes just because they are currently fashionable.

“I choose not to get caught up in the fashion world because it can be frustrating to those of us who aren’t models by trade. It’s not about the label; it’s about how a woman looks in the clothes. I try to keep in mind the needs of everyone who wants to shop,” she says.

For the upcoming season, Off the Peg is bringing in lots of colours: pastels and block colours predominate, and there are plenty of prints and bold reds and pinks for the party season.

Women’s pants are moving to a wider legged blasé pant and fitted flares, says Karen, and she is carrying lots of tops in different styles that can dress up or dress down a well cut pair of pants. She also carries all the accessories from bracelets and earrings to handbags and purses that will hold an outfit together.

Off the Peg specialises in “budget conscious but current” clothing for women of all ages. However, it’s their friendly and realistic approach to dressing women that really sets them apart from the competition. WH

For more information call 946-5050 or email offthepeg@candw.ky.