A touch of Festive Indulgence

When it comes to desserts, everyone has a favourite, so trying to convert people to a new dessert can be quite a challenge. However, when Martina de Lima started thinking about a new product to launch that could become an integral part of the Cayman scene, a dessert was the first thing that sprung to mind.

In particular, it was her mother’s sticky toffee cake that inspired her, leading to the establishment of Seven Mile Sticky Toffee Cake. Of course, the first challenge she faced was getting the recipe from her mother, who had guarded it jealously for years.

After that daunting mission had been accomplished, Martina started making subtle changes to make the family recipe her own. Each new change meant a new sticky toffee cake to test, which she admits made her a very popular person around the office.

After around six months of constant experimentation, Martina settled on a recipe that combined the traditional date base with a subtle touch of chocolate to complement the toffee sauce. Maybe it is the subtle notes of chocolate, or maybe the dates, but the cake manages to be very flavourful and moist without being too sweet.

After all, over time you do come to realise that there can indeed be such a thing as too sweet, although no six year old in the world will ever believe me.

The cake made its debut at Taste of Cayman earlier this year, and if Martina had been in any doubt as to whether she had settled on the right recipe those doubts were soon cast aside as the cake walked away with the Best Dessert award at the event, drawing rave reviews from all who tasted it.

The cake is supplied in vacuum sealed, with a separate pouch containing additional toffee sauce. Heat the cake and the sauce, add a dollop of vanilla ice cream, pour over the sauce, and the result is a dessert that will tempt even those who profess to not having a sweet tooth.

In fact, Martina says that she is yet to meet anyone who does not like her creation, and after being tempted to sample a piece (or two) I have to admit to being a convert. The cake is available from numerous retailers on island, including Black Trumpet Deli, Fosters and Jacques Scott.

With the Cayman Islands already all but conquered, Martina has set her sights on taking Seven Mile Sticky Toffee Cake to the US and Canada in the near future – certainly something to look forward to for those staring a bleak northern winter in the face. WH

For more information, call 916-5253


Each new change meant a new sticky toffee cake to test