Absolutely fabulous gifts for Christmas

Gift giving can be a bit of a challenge, especially when it comes to the old conundrum of whether to give something practical or something of pure aesthetic value.

For those who cannot (or would rather not) decide, the perfect solution is settling on functional art – pieces that can be collected and appreciated for their artistic value as well as find more practical use around the house.

According to Sally Brooker Allison of Absolutely Fabulous, located in Caymanian Village on North Sound Road, the Carol Boyes range of homeware, flatware and cutlery fit this mould perfectly. The pieces are inspired by and made in South Africa and feature unique designs that often bring with them a whimsical charm.

“The nice thing about it is you can buy one little piece and you can collect it as the years go on. With the Carol Boyes range I was given a cheese knife for Christmas when I was a student, and that is how my love for it started,” says Sally.

The pieces often show African figures as part of the design and range from small items like the cheese knife with which Sally started her collection to serving dishes and even coffee tables, all with the same African theme as a background, although the range offers more than enough variety to suit almost any taste.

According to Sally, one of the unique aspects of the Carol Boyes range is that the company gives back to the community in which it operates in South Africa and does a lot of work to help uplift and empower the people who work for the company. This close connection to the region and its people is also reflected in the pieces created by the company.

Even for someone who might not go on to start a collection of pieces, the practical yet artistic nature of the range makes ensures that it will not be shoved into the back of a drawer never to see the light of day again.

“It’s not something that you need a house for, you can definitely buy stuff in here that you can travel with if you are going to move house,” says Sally.

With items ranging from around $35 all the way up to $500, there are gifts to suit every taste and price point. Absolutely Fabulous also stocks various other items like photo frames, place mats and baskets, for a selection which lends itself to the creation of personalised gift hampers.

For anyone looking to do a quick bit of updating to their home over the festive season, Absolutely Fabulous also stocks a selection of artwork, lamps and even some very funky wallpaper, according to Sally.

Of course Absolutely Fabulous stocks a full range of furniture as well, but even Sally is quick to point out that gift wrapping a dining room table or a sofa may be more than most could find time for over the festive season. WH

For more information call 949-8611 or email sally.allison@abfabfurniture.com. 


Stephen Clarke