Angler of the month: Shelly Ware



 Fish  Dolphin
 Weight:  28.4 pounds
 Where:  12 mile bank off Grand Cayman
 Bait:  Naked flying fish
 Rod and reel  80 lb test line
At the rod: Shelly Ware
 Boat:  Run Things
 Captain:  Charles Ebanks
 First mate:  Emil Terry

Shelly Ware has not been active in competitive angling for a while but made a big return with a 28.4 pound dolphin.

The catch earned her $2,000 for the heaviest dolphin catch in the All-tackle fishing tournament, the last angling competition for the year.

Shelly was aboard the Run Things boat with captain and celebrity angler Charles Ebanks along with first mate Emil Terry.

Shelly, who nabbed the dolphin on 12 mile bank off the coast of Grand Cayman, gave a quick account of how the fish was hauled on board.

“It took less than 10 minutes to fight it. We saw some frigate birds and it was under them. The fish tried to go under the boat but the captain manoeuvred us in such way that it stayed out (within sight) and we got him in.”

It should also be noted that Shelly also caught the tournament’s third heaviest wahoo at 32.3lbs. She was on the same boat and used the same 80lb test line with ballyhoo as bait.

Shelly was the top female angler of the competition and made the lone billfish release of the tournament. She earned additional prizes for those accolades. WH