Ellys’ favourite dives

Old Wreck Head
East End, Boat Dive

This is an anchor drop site, and starting depth is about 50ft. Head north or south, although there is typically more to see heading south. Go along the mini-wall where there are lots of swim-throughs and tarpon and grouper just hanging out.

There’s an abundance of soft coral on the top of the wall, with larger colonies of brain and star coral in deeper waters. This is historically a great site for some amazing sightings so keep an eye out for eagle rays, turtles and sharks. As you head back to the boat don’t forget your safety stop.

Anchor Point
Off north coast of East End, Boat Dive

The pin is in 60ft of water. Head slightly east but out towards the wall. You’ll see a large hole, and may question initially if you can fit in, but once you do you’ll be in a terrific cavernous swim-through featuring sponges, black coral and snapper that pops you out spectacularly at about 100ft.

Head west along the wall and look for the barrel sponge formation affectionately nicknamed “SpongeFace.” It’s about 3ft across and has eyes, nose and a big frown. Expect to see moray eels, turtles and maybe even a hammerhead if you’re lucky. Head back to the top of the wall and safety stop before returning to the boat.