Gaming gifts

Video gaming’s popularity is at an all-time high, and with devices from consoles like Wii, PS3 and Xbox360 to hand held devices and even mobile phones, gaming is everywhere.

Yet although the devices themselves can be quite an expensive gift, there are many accessories out there than can add style or function to a device without hurting too much at the checkout counter.

The gift of style
You can purchase skins for your favourite gaming console and accessories through custom gaming skins services offered online. From colours and textures to your own photographs, these services will use your chosen visuals and transform your drab console into a gaming masterpiece. A simple online search for “custom gaming skins” will point you to a service with the style that best suits your family.

The gift for gamers on-the-go
Keeping kids entertained while on the go has never been easier thanks to the range of portable consoles now available, including the Nintendo DS. The new challenge: keeping track of the tiny, expensive game cartridges.

The solution is a case that has room to hold additional cartridges. Some of the more advanced models even allows you to play the games stored in the cartridge without being removed from the case – so games are less likely to be lost while kids are out and about.

The gift for gamers in-the-know
Many gamers gobble up news about their favourite consoles and games like food on Thanksgiving – their appetites are seemingly endless. No matter which console your gamer prefers, you’re sure to find a magazine that caters to their interests.

If digital news is more their style, some gaming magazines offer digital editions at a discounted rate from the print edition. Some even offer bonuses like reward points or exclusive access to game demos. WH