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Christmas is a time for giving. However, it is also the perfect time for giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate. Whether you decide to donate time, money, or goods, there are many charitable organisations in the Cayman Islands that would gladly accept your help, especially over the festive season. If you have a cause you contribute to regularly, there is no need to shift to a new one, but for those who do not get involved with charity work regularly, we have come up with a couple of events and organisations that will allow you to give back.

Cayman Islands Humane Society
Many people cannot have a pet at home but would still love to get involved in other ways. The Humane society has a variety of programmes in place through which people can become involved with the organisation, whether volunteering at the shelter or donating to the organisation financially.

According to the organisation, it costs around $40 per month to feed one dog, so the society has come up with a programme where you can sponsor a dog’s bowl for one, three, six or twelve months at $40 per month. This is a great opportunity for someone who cannot adopt a dog to help lighten the load at the shelter.

Another way to support the organisation over the festive season is to shop at the Book Loft or the Thrift Store, both of which boast wonderful bargains, with the profits going to help the organisation feed and house the animals under its care. Should you have books or other items to donate to the Book Loft or Thrift Store, these will also be gladly accepted as long as they are in good condition.

The Book Loft will also host a special book sale on Saturday 3 December at Kirk Home Centre from 10am to 4pm.

For anyone thinking of adopting a dog or cat this festive season, keep in mind that this is a commitment for life. A pet is not something that can be discarded or stuffed in a closet when the novelty wears off, so please consider carefully before adopting. However, for those who are ready and committed to care for an animal, there can be no greater gift for a shelter animal than the gift of a loving home.

Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts
CARE will have a number of initiatives over the festive season for those looking to help out animals in need in the community. The organisation will be offering CARE Christmas present donation gift cards, so if you are stuck deciding on a gift to buy a friend or family member, you can make a donation to one of CARE’s community programmes.

CARE will send the recipient a gift card thanking them for their donation and explaining which of the organisations programmes will benefit. You can choose to donate to the community spay and neuter programme, or event donate a dog house to the “Home to call your own” programme.

The organisation will also have its new t-shirts on sale throughout the festive season.

For those who want to treat their pets to something special this Christmas, CARE will also be offering pet gift baskets for sale, for that special furry someone in your life.

For anyone looking to take a more hands-on interest in the work CARE does in the community, there is the opportunity to volunteer at one of the community dog washes, help with vet transportation for the spay and neuter surgeries, or even be a sales person at one of CARE’s stalls.

National Council of Voluntary Organisations
The NCVO focuses on helping children and families in the community through a variety of programmes. Although it receives some government funding the organisation relies on support from corporate sponsors and members of the public to keep programmes like Jack and Jill Nursery, Miss Nadine’s Pre-School and the Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home running.

Throughout December the organisation will be having Christmas sales at its New to You Bargain Shop, which is located on Anthony Drive, next to Miss Nadine’s behind Pasadora Place. The store not only generates funds for NCVO programmes but also donates items to people in need.

The NCVO will also gladly accept donations.