Have a techy Christmas

December means it’s decision making time. Deciding on what family and friends will find under the tree, and perhaps more importantly dropping hints on what you would like to find hidden under all the bows and festive wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

If you’ve been a good boy or girl and saving up for some gifting season, there are a couple of sure fire tech winners out there this season.

One of the most popular devices out there is the Apple iPhone, which up until very recently has only been available on contract. However, LIME is now offering the iPhone on prepaid as well, which means you can have the coolest gadget around without being tied into a long term relationship.

Of course, the voice and data bundles offered with an iPhone contract make it well worth looking into as well, as the device is only as good as the apps and the data access attached to it. With LIME’s 4G network up and running throughout Cayman, it means that all your 3G or 4G enabled devices will be running at blazing fast speeds, so just remember to keep an eye on that data consumption.

Another great device, and quite possibly the only tablet that can really take on the Apple iPad head to head, is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which forsakes the smaller form factor of the original Galaxy Tab for a 10 inch screen, similar to the iPad.

The device runs on Android, which means that you have access to a wide range of apps from the Android marketplace. This will allow you to get the most out of your device, whether you want to use it as a media player, a reader, a browser, or the best video Skype experience ever.

Blackberry has also stepped up their game with a new range of Blackberry devices that promise to retain the legendary Blackberry security and the convenience of BBM while adding more of the features you have come to expect from smartphones.

The new touch screens make a big difference to the functionality of the phone and makes it a lot more attractive to those who want a phone for work and play. We all know someone who has a Blackberry that has seen better days but has steadfastly refused to replace it. This might be just the push they need to upgrade.

A MiFi device can also be a great gift, bringing the freedom of 4G internet anywhere to any device that is WiFi enabled by creating a personal hotspot for up to five devices. This means that whether you have a tablet, a laptop, or any other device that is WiFi enabled, you can surf the web wherever you are in Cayman.

Imagine sitting on the beach on Christmas day doing a Skype video call to the family overseas – especially those in a wintery clime. If there is a gift that the whole family can enjoy, this could well be it. WH