Italian delights in East End

When you reside in the far districts of Grand Cayman (East End, Northside, Boddentown, Breakers) no news is good news, yet here good news travels fast. Most of us lucky enough to live without roundabouts, close proximity of neighbors and the routine of Georgetown, we are all on the same page – we hate making a trip to the municipality in the west, especially for a night out of wining and dining.

The good news? No need to travel because Italy has come to us.

Located in the Morritts shopping center across the from the Royal Reef and just down the road from Morritts Resort, The Italian Kitchen is a new casual dining establishment in the heart of the Far Side. The Italian Kitchen provides a family atmosphere and top-notch food that is sure to please visitors and local residents alike.

The restaurant offers delicious truly authentic food at affordable prices. Partner the lasagna au forno or shrimp risotto with a fine bottle of wine and you will leave happy. But get there early as there are only 30 seats. You can call for pickup, and delivery is planned for the new year.

There is a mouth watering selection of brick oven pizza, featuring fresh mozzarella, rich sauces, crispy thin crust and the finest meats. Try a specialty pizza such as the ‘Prosciutto di Parma with arugula and shaved asiago’ – wow that’s a mouth full of Italian jargon that this writer could never pronounce, so I’ll stick with the classic pepperoni and cheese.

How about a little dab of local before the pasta gorge? Try the conch fritters with tomato arrabbiata and lemon. These aren’t your hush puppy fritters, you can actually taste the conch. Bottom line – reasonably priced, delicious food is always a good recipe. The Italian Kitchen is open Tuesday through Sunday from 5pm. WH

For more information call 949-8210.