Kairitt Sepp of Osetra Bay

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Osetra Bay is open once again for the season with a fabulous new menu, enhanced décor and a mixologist who (thanks to an incredible range of house-made fresh ingredients) raises the cocktail bar to the next level.

Kairit Sepp was born in Tallinn, Estonia, located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. From an early age she had a keen interest in travel, and so after a brief flirtation with university, she decided that she’d rather go exploring than committing to school.

Better to find out what she really wanted to do first! In 2009 she took her first trip to the UK with a friend who was attending university in Manchester. As she says herself, she was a young girl in a big city so it was scary but exciting.

She got offered a barback position at “Stock,” an Italian restaurant housed in the former Manchester Stock Exchange. It was a well-known and popular name in the city, and introduced Kairit to a man that would become her guru – a 60 year-old Italian bartender called Antonio whose wealth of knowledge and experience in the service industry was stuff of legend.

In the year she spent at Stock, she made sure she learned all she could from him including some Italian, which was useful as her next stop was Capri, her boyfriend’s island home.

She got a job at the Blu Capri Hotel (a 5-star property) as a bartender, and at the same time was studying German and Italian (of course.) She stayed there for one summer season, and then moved on to Bermuda in January 2011 where she worked at the prestigious Lido Restaurant, Elbow Beach.

When the season was over, Kairit looked for her next opportunity. A friend was coming to the Cayman Islands and she agreed to follow. She applied for and won a job at one of the most innovative restaurants in Grand Cayman – Osetra Bay; a restaurant that excels in providing a feast for the eyes as well as the lips.

Already garnering fans with her cocktails, Kairit also has award-winning chefs at her disposal who are definitely thinking outside the box. As the line between creating extraordinary cuisine and exciting beverages slowly disappears, so does that between the kitchen and the bar.

Between them, they are producing infused liquors and liqueurs, bitters from scratch, and homemade mixers that will make you wonder how you ever suffered anything less.

After all, if your body is a temple, shouldn’t you be feeding it only the best? To truly appreciate the qualities of a top shelf vodka like Grey Goose, it really should be intertwined with only the finest ingredients.

Osetra Bay understands the constant evolution of food and drink. Here a meal is an experience, and an adult beverage is more than your average martini. Come indulge in a magical evening under the stars and ask Kairit to mix you something fabulous. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. WH

For more information call 325-5000 or email reservations@osetrabay.com