Planning the perfect party

The festive season is not known by that moniker because people choose to sit quietly at home during December. With more reasons to celebrate than any other month of the year, planning and executing a party can be a challenge.

According to Elsa Terry of Party Mania, planning your event well ahead of time is the most important part of hosting a successful party. She says that although it is always possible to do something last minute, the more time available to prepare for an event, the better the end result will be.

When it comes to decorations, Party Mania has off the shelf selections, but can also create custom pieces on site to make your event truly unique.

Custom gift baskets can be a great Christmas present, and Party Mania can put together a gift basket to your specifications. Should there be any special items you would like to include, they are more than happy for you to bring those along for integration into the basket.

This is the perfect way to create a truly personal gift, but is also an excellent option for companies planning to send gifts to important corporate clients.

For New Year’s Eve parties, the company will even be doing a party in a box, catering for groups of varying sizes with all the decorations and party favours required to bring a little something extra to your event without breaking the budget.

Yet the company is not just for the festive season as Party Mania can do decorations for weddings, birthday parties and kids’ parties all year round. WH

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Stephen Clarke