Andrea’s top dives

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Andrea Drentsios of Happy Fish Divers 

Turtle Reef  (Shore dive off Macabuca)
Swim out of the cove, and depending on the current, head north or south.

This mini-wall is marked by buoys so you can either swim out on the surface, or go underwater if your sense of direction is good. The site is about 55 – 60ft and is beautiful to see on its own, but it also offers the opportunity to see some interesting life due to its location.

Turtles, Eagle Rays, eels, Lemon Rays and even Manta Rays have been spotted here. Take your time to explore it properly and then don’t forget your safety stop of three minutes at 15ft before heading up.

USS Kittiwake (Boat dive – West side)
Head down the rope to the ship which now lies in 65 – 70ft of water thanks to a storm that shifted her position. Make your way around the outside, and then start penetrating the exterior to see fascinating sights such as the Captain’s helm, bathrooms and kitchens.

The Kittiwake has been down there for long enough that fish are starting to make it home as it slowly becomes an artificial reef, so expect to see a number of different colourful critters hanging around. Don’t forget your safety stop and then head back to the boat.