DJ Lex International

A veteran of the musical fraternity in the Cayman Islands and indeed the Caribbean region, James McLean Herbert or DJ Lex International, as he is known in the field, started his career in music over 20 years ago in the basements of New York City, using eight-track cassettes and vinyl records.

“I used to do just Hip Hop and Urban music at the time, but when I came back to the Cayman Islands, I started to get involved in reggae music, especially after travelling back and forth to Jamaica and linking up with some of the top Disc Jockeys there,” says the DJ.

He reveals that on his travels he had the opportunity to meet up with a popular DJ from the Stone Love movement in Jamaica known as Rorey.

“He taught me the essence of juggling,” says DJ Lex, who explains that the term juggling refers to the standard succession of songs that usually follow each other in a DJ’s set in the Caribbean. It is in the refining of this art that most DJs from the region are able to clash with other sound systems and increase their notoriety.

DJ Lex notes one such clash, which he calls his most memorable, in which he was pitted against a sound called Cannon Sound.

“Everything I did they had an answer for and I was a little mike shy at the time but I remembered seeing Rorey from Stone Love pull off a move one night that I reverted to in order to save the clash and not be ‘killed,’ as they say.

I told Cannon Sound that if they could counteract my next move, they could have my sound system. It was risky and they opened the gate and started backing up the truck to begin loading my stuff. At that very moment I played a tune called In the Name of God I Shall Live by the Grace Thrillers and the place went nuts. I managed to keep my stuff and my reputation.”

DJ Lex International is no stranger to music and as a youngster he says he would sometimes sing at the Magic Showcase held every year at the old cinema’s parking lot, in addition to once singing along with the great Byron Lee and Marvin Brooks of Hiney Wine fame.

The DJ’s name is indicative of his travels, which have included regular trips between Canada, Jamaica and Miami.

After a lay off to focus on family, audiences can now find him plying his trade at the Pirate’s Cove Bar in East End every weekend for Grown Folks Fridays from 9pm to 2am and Taste of Paradise on Saturdays from 8pm to 12am. He also does regular gigs in Honduras, in addition to taking on private gigs.

His repertoire includes Hip Hop, Reggae, Country, Latin, Soul and R&B.

For bookings contact DJ Lex International at 927-1237.