Romantic gift ideas

There is some irony to Valentine’s Day being celebrated with chocolates and other decadent treats only a couple of weeks into the year. This can often deal a death blow to those already wavering New Year’s resolutions on eating right and staying healthy. Coming up with gift ideas that support rather than undermine those resolutions can be a tough ask.

Here are a couple of suggestions for helping those resolutions along while still adding a touch or romance to the day.

You are adored

There is nothing like a spa treatment to put your loved one on a pedestal. A facial or massage is the gift of relaxation and self-care. A spa treatment can be part of a bigger pampering day – perhaps along with breakfast in bed or an end-of-day bubble bath.

People tend to think of massage as a luxury, but it’s therapeutic and can help reground them. It’s also the perfect gift for someone who does so much for everyone else.

We’re a team
Working together on a common goal can make lasting memories. Signing up you and your valentine for a 5K, 10K, triathlon or other physical event can create memories to last a lifetime. Of course, the initial reaction may range from confusion to irritation, followed quickly by panic, but in all likelihood it will soon shift to gratitude.

Committing to doing an event can be a tough ask, but training together can help both of you achieve your goals. And giving entry into a challenging event shows that you believe in your loved one.

What can be more romantic than that?

In sickness or in health
Even though the vow says ‘in sickness or in health’, we’d all prefer good health. If your special someone knows they need to get fit or stay fit, they might need more than a gentle nudge.

Hiring a personal trainer – for a private session or for the two of you – is a way to show your commitment to life and to each other. Valentine’s Day is about expressing how much you love someone, so what better way than to do something that will help them be around for longer?