A day filled with sparkle and glamour

When it comes to images that invoke eternity, the shape of a ring and the sparkle of a diamond are among the most powerful around, which make it no surprise that these combined form the traditional diamond engagement ring.

However, finding the right ring can be a challenge almost as great as finding the right person to give that ring to, which is why spending some time with the professionals at Island Companies will be time well spent.

From engagement rings to wedding rings, there is a dazzling array of options to consider, from the style and material of the ring to the size and shape of the diamond.

Directing the customer to the right product which is suited to their individual style and budget is a vital part of the skill expected of every Island Companies professional.

By asking the right questions, they can direct customers to the correct ring from the wide selection available at stores like Diamonds Direct in The Island Plaza and The Mansion in Camana Bay.

Once the ideal size and cut of the stone has been determined, it is on to finding the right semi-mount depending on the preferred style and material. For a more contemporary look, Hearts On Fire offer the world’s most perfect diamonds in platinum or 18 karat gold settings, while Tacori offers highly detailed rings with a craftsman’s touch evident in the design and finish of each ring.

According to Irene Dunn of Island Companies, the most important thing to keep in mind when looking for a ring is to try it on, as the design you imagined you want might not be quite as appealing once you see it on your hand.

“My advice is always try it on, even things you never think that you would like, that are not typically what you are thinking of,” she says.

Quite often, it comes down to one of the professionals in the store introducing a very different ring into the discussion based on what they gathered from their conversation with the couple.

“A number of times that we have managed to help somebody to choose and select that really important piece by introducing something that is not what they asked for but when they put it on their fingers they say ‘I love it, it’s so different, I never would have chosen that’,” says Irene.

Of course, the ring is not a decision one wants to take lightly. After all, you take a lifetime to find the right person, so don’t expect to find the right ring in a matter of minutes.

“It can be quite a stressful thing, because you want it to be right. Once you make that choice it’s going to be on your finger for life. You don’t want to be looking in other windows thinking ‘I never tried one on like that’. At the very least you want to be able to say that you have explored every option,” says Irene.

When it comes to buying a diamond, the cut of the stone is every bit as important as any other consideration.

In fact, according to the American Gem Society Labs, a diamond’s cut determines as much as 50 per cent of its value. It could be a lovely colour, it could be relatively clear, but if the diamond hasn’t been cut properly there could be a visual hole that you could see or a dark spot within the diamond. It’s not an internal flaw, but an optical effect generated by the way the light is reflected, and can dramatically reduce the sparkle of the diamond.

Island Companies offer a number of speciality cuts, including the world renowned Hearts On Fire. These diamonds are cut at a far greater magnification level than the industry standard, creating a diamond that offers perfect symmetry between its facets.

This perfect symmetry translates into more light being reflected out of the top of the diamond, generating more of the telltale sparkle that diamonds are renowned for.

Wedding band materials
Although gold or platinum would be traditional materials for wedding rings or engagement rings, Irene points out that there is nothing that means you should limit your search to those metals.

“There’s a whole idea that a wedding band has to be a plain band or a diamond set band, but that’s not actually true. It’s a symbol of love, and it can be anything. Some people have silver – there’s no law that says you cannot have a silver wedding band,” she says.

One of the more unique wedding bands she has sold was a silver and amber ring.

“Everything I was showing her did not quite appeal to her, so I went to the showcase and pulled out this ring and she loved it,” says Irene.

“Ultimately the wedding band is a symbol that goes on your finger on the day of the wedding. It could be anything.”

This is why Irene recommends that anybody coming in to select a ring come in with an open mind, as Island Companies has just about any ring you can imagine.

“Most importantly, come in with the idea that you’re going to have some fun,” says Irene.