A family commitment

Cayman wasn’t always the international wedding destination it is now. Then in 1985, Vernon Jackson who had retired from the civil service and become a marriage officer, established Cayman Weddings.

A couple of years later he was joined in the business by his wife Francine, who in 1992 became Cayman’s first civil registrar of marriage, and it became a true family business when daughter Joy Basdeo was appointed as Francine’s deputy in 1995.

Cayman Weddings was the first local company established as wedding planners, and catered to visitors and locals.

With almost 30 years in the industry, Vernon and Francine have become legends and still work to provide dream weddings to their customers all these years later.

“Cayman is actually one of the easiest places in the western Caribbean to be married in terms of cruise tourism, because you don’t have to have 24 hours like some of the other jurisdictions. Some places you need to have a couple of days, but in Cayman you can arrive here and be married the same day,” says Joy.

As Cayman Weddings kept growing and building a reputation locally and abroad, it started to focus more on the local and stay-over wedding market. This convinced Joy that the company needed a greater presence in the cruise wedding market, and decided to start a sister company, Simply Weddings.

“I do cruise for both companies, my mother and I work very closely together as we always have, I do ceremonies for her and she does ceremonies for me,” says Joy.

One of the unique offerings Joy has at her location in George Town is a bride room, which has proven very popular with cruise brides and local brides as well.

“With the tender situation, we don’t want a bride dressing on the boat. So now they come and they dress in my bride room. This has proved one of the most popular things of my business, because I offer it free of cost to my local brides as well,” says Joy.

The location also offers a wedding room for registrar office weddings, and Joy also publishes the banns required for local weddings at her office. She even asks her cruise brides whether they would be willing to leave their silk bouquets behind for those local brides who might not be able to afford their own.

Even though Cayman Weddings and Simply Weddings may now be two companies, it is still very much a family affair.

“Cayman has a lot of marriage officers, but most of them are ministers of religion. Grand Cayman only has two civil registrars, my mother and myself,” says Joy.

For more information on Cayman Weddings, visit caymanweddings.com.ky or call 949-8677.

For more information on  Simply Weddings, visit  cayman-island-weddings.com or call 949-9933.