Around the world in one massage

Once you are stretched out on the bed in a fragrant, softly lit room and a therapist is getting to work on that stiff neck and shoulders, the whole business of getting a massage is plain sailing.

Before you get to this point though, deciding what kind of massage to have can be slightly overwhelming. 

Do you want the knots pummelled out of your neck and back or would you rather exhale and bliss out completely? Hot stones? Pressure points? Aromatherapy? The choices are endless, but if you only have a one hour window in which to set all your ailments right, which is going to benefit you most?

When you simply can’t decide, a Balinese massage might be just the answer. New on the menu at Touch of Thai, the Balinese massage blends elements from a variety of massage modalities drawing on both Eastern and Western traditions. A 60 minute treatment combines deep tissue stimulation, soothing aromatherapy oils and a touch of reflexology, all of which add up to an immensely relaxing experience.

Using acupressure points along your body, the therapist works deep into the tissues, releasing tension and freeing up knots. This helps to increase blood flow to the lymphatic system and thereby eliminate toxins.

Then, using a combination of skin rolling, kneading, and stroking techniques, every inch of your body from tip to toe is massaged with specially selected essential oils designed to soothe the mind and spirit.

Incorporating reflexology techniques, the therapist works with the pressure points in your feet, to further relax you and release any remaining tension, finally moving on to a head massage which will ensure you emerge as rested as if you had just had a full night’s sleep.

Balinese massage can be as rigorous or gentle as you wish – the therapist will happily adjust pressure according to your wishes to reach below the superficial muscles. By integrating elements of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, it also helps to balance energy centers and restore general wellbeing.

Often recommended for treating sports injuries, Balinese massage can help relieve aching joints and strained muscles but is also effective in releasing migraines, insomnia and anxiety. Most of all however, you will feel, completely, blissfully relaxed.

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Stephen Clarke