Beyond the ring

No other item is as closely associated with weddings as the ring. Yet apart from rings for the two people saying ‘I do’, other items of jewellery can form part of the wedding, whether as accessories or as gifts.

At 24K-Mon Jewelers & Art Gallery you will discover a collection of the wedding rings but there is also the jewellery for the wedding party.

An important detail for the special day is the accessories for the bride and her bride maids. The Bee Line Design jewellery collection is designed at 24K-Mon and they are able to custom design and make necklaces, earring, and bracelets for the entire wedding party.

Bee Line Designs is fashioned of shimmering Swarovski Crystals and can include everything from various pearls to a multitude of colourful beads to match the colour scheme of the wedding. A portion of the sales of Bee Line Designs are donated to the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign of the Cayman Islands.

Expression Trinkets is another line of jewellery and accessories 24K-Mon makes in house at 24K-Mon. They use metals ranging from sterling silver to copper and brass to create the pieces. Each one is handmade with the company able to put letters, numbers and designs on the pieces.

They can personalise the jewellery with names and dates or with special sayings.

Of course, 24K-Mon has a wide selection of rings, from engagement rings to wedding bands, and can special order a specific size or design as well. Also keep an open mind when it comes to materials – the store offers everything from the traditional yellow or white gold, to the luxury of platinum or even alternative metals like stainless steel.

Visit 24K-Mon Jewelers & Art Gallery located at Buckingham Square on Seven Mile Beach.

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