Creating Memorable Occasions

There are few occasions that are as memorable as a wedding day, but events big and small deserve the attention of a professional.

Although Memorable Occasions might be relatively new to Cayman, the company builds on Party Mart, and is located in the same spot in Bodden Centre, next to Little Darlings.

“We wanted to retain all the party products and themes, but we would like to continue to offer special events, whether it is anniversaries, birthday parties or weddings as a part of the business. That’s also the reason why we rebranded,” says Claudia Welds of Memorable Occasions.

Alongside Claudia’s 20 years of experience in organising corporate events, the company has hired Milton Brown to lead up the creative side of the business. Milton has 16 years’ worth of experience in the local events and weddings arena, and is very well known in the local wedding planning community, having created gorgeous flower arrangements for all manner of celebrations around Cayman.

“Milton is very creative and is our main person for weddings,” says Claudia.

According to Claudia, one of the biggest mistake people make when looking to organise an event themselves is that, not being professionals in the event planning field, they forget to look at everything, from the big picture to the smallest of details.

“I think a lot of times people are looking at the big picture and the little details are getting lost. We encourage them to let us look at the big picture and then sit down with them to make sure that all the little things that just might have slipped away are taken care of,” says Claudia.

“Whether it is just doing the decor for an event, anything from a child’s birthday party with bouncing castles and water slides or a family anniversary party, we wanted to include everything in special events.”

Claudia believes that at the centre of Memorable Occasions is the realisation that every event is very special to someone, even though it might not be the biggest or most lavish event.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wedding or a child’s birthday party – it is a special event for that person, and it is important. It doesn’t matter whether it is a huge thing or a small thing – it has to be a memorable occasion. You have to do what it takes to make sure they are satisfied.”

For more information on Memorable Occasions, call 946-1044.


Stephen Clarke