Emily Harris of Deep Blue Divers

Emily Harris is a girl from Oz who decided to travel halfway across the world in search of a change of scenery and dive sites close to shore. The Cayman Islands certainly aren’t known for their kangaroos, and great diving is right on the doorstep.

Emily was born in Melbourne, Australia – a country known for the Great Barrier Reef. She grew up with a love of sports and could almost swim before she could walk. When she left high school she went to university to pursue advertising and photography, but after a year decided that it just wasn’t for her.

She set out for Queensland in 2008 and got a job working as a cook and a deckhand on a boat. There were dive instructors on board, one of whom offered to teach her how to scuba dive. It was an excellent (and inexpensive) opportunity, and so she took them up on their kind offer. One year later she was qualified as an instructor herself.

She had meant to stay in Queensland for only three months and then move on but unsurprisingly her plans changed, as they do for us all when we least expect it. It was the typical old story – girl-meets-boy, girl-becomes-dive-instructor, girl-and-boy-start-their-own-business.

She and her boyfriend took over the catamaran they had been working on, and ran three-night charters including diving, food and other activities – basically offering catered personalised vacations to their guests.

It was a terrific life, but a very busy one, and by the time 2010 rolled around they realised that they needed a break from work that was very satisfying, but encroaching too much on their own lives. They wanted to have time to have fun!

After talking with friends who were already living and working in Little Cayman, they took a leap of faith and moved to the Caribbean. Now in 2012, Emily is working at Deep Blue Divers operating out of the shop below the Lobster Pot restaurant and the couple has the time off to pursue their own hobbies.

Emily loves the team she works with, and is still getting used to the fact that it doesn’t take half a day to get to a dive site. You pop out, you pop back and all in the same morning! Deep Blue Divers is known for its personalised service, which is exactly what Emily is used to. Maximum seven divers on a boat, which enables them to visit sites that not everyone can get to.

She will definitely stick with this line of work for the time being, and why not? She’s happy, the boyfriend’s happy and the sun is shining. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Call Deep Blue Divers today and book a dive with Emily and crew. They’ll give you a dive vacation you’ll never forget.