Picture perfect wedding photos

Long after the sparkle has gone out of the champagne and the wedding cake has gone stale, wedding photos still provide a fresh reminder of the big day. So it only makes sense to get a professional to take care of wedding photography, says Gary Hollins of Picture This.

“We do come across the odd wedding where people are a bit budget conscious and are negotiating the price, and then we find out they are spending twice the amount on the wedding cake that they are spending on photography,” says Gary.

“It’s funny when people are looking at the other costs – the photos are where you are going to get your memories from.”

Other than Rebecca Davidson, who founded the company and has been working in the photography industry in Cayman for 23 years, Picture This has two associate photographers, Aaron Rebarchek and Amy Strzalko who are both very accomplished photographers.

“All three of our photographers are more candid photographers. We’ll do the standard portraits but we find that the ones people really like and really want are the candid shots,” says Gary.
Getting the bride and groom to interact and reveal something more of themselves in the photos is really important, as that is the only way the photos will capture the couple.

“You shoot with Rebecca and she becomes part of the family – she allows the couple to just be very, very relaxed and encourages them to bring out some of that personality and spontaneity,” says Gary.

An important part of the process is for the photographer to get to know the couple, whether through phone calls and emails or preferably meeting in person where possible. Gary says that they even friend the couples on Facebook once a shoot has been booked in order to learn more about the couple. This can also lead to some unique photographs involving the interests of the couple, even going as far as trash-the-dress photos involving kiteboards.

“We always try to create something unique – selfishly we want to create this great shot that we can put our name to, but we also want to give them something that is special and different,” says Gary.

One of the advantages of working with an experienced professional like Rebecca is that she has dealt with most emergencies that can arise during a wedding shoot.

“If you look in Rebecca’s camera bag, obviously she has a full kit of lenses and bodies, but she also has a few dozen pins and a mending kit to deal with any dress emergencies,” says Gary.

Over the years, the company has also developed a couple of unique touches they like to bring to weddings, one being a slide show of wedding photos during the reception.

“Another unique thing we do is we have a photo booth, which is more for the guests. You have a self serve photo booth with a remote trigger, a white background and a table full of props and that is a fun event for people,” says Gary.

One of the biggest challenges faced by photographers in Cayman is that many couples want sunset wedding photos

“If the ceremony ends at a certain time and they want half an hour after the ceremony to get portraits then it doesn’t afford us a lot of time to get other pictures, so the time is really important. If you want sunset shots we recommend that you set aside some time after all the other portraits are done,” says Gary.

What they often do is encourage couples to do a ‘first look’ shoot.

“Traditionally a bride and groom would not see each other until the bride walks down the aisle, but with timing being of the essence here for sunset pictures we might try to arrange for a first look that might be that same afternoon. We will pick the bride and groom up, take them to some locations on the island like the beach, Camana Bay, anything unique they want to do,” says Gary.

According to Gary, the number one tip he can offer is that couples should always hire a planner, whether it is a small or large wedding, as having someone able to run the show on the day can help everyone relax, which will result in better photos.

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Rebecca Davidson