Ritzy Cayman weddings

The destination wedding market has grown enormously over the years, with the Cayman Islands being one of the big beneficiaries. With its signature level of service and attention to detail, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, has positioned itself as the property of choice with many high-end destination weddings.

Central to making positioning the property as a destination of choice is the personal attention the wedding coordinators at the Ritz-Carlton bring to each event.

“We try to have only one wedding over the weekend so we don’t have that many things to focus on so we can make it very personal for them. They feel that they’re the celebrities,” says Elena Karpechenko of the Ritz-Carlton.

This personal attention starts from the very first contact with the couple and continues through the planning process right through to the big day.

The proximity to the United States, the ease of getting married in Cayman, and of course the legendary beaches all work together to make Cayman a preferred wedding destination.

“Of course we provide the legendary Ritz-Carlton service, and a lot of people are coming because this is The Ritz-Carlton. That serves as proof to the brides and grooms that we will do everything to make their wedding memorable, to have it very personalised. We don’t want to have a standard package and then sell it to everyone,” says Elena.

With venues extending from the ever popular beach through to the exquisitely manicured gardens, the Ritz-Carlton offers a wide selection of outdoor venues.

“We have a very beautiful staircase there so we can provide for their grand entrance as well for the wedding, and then we have a ballroom as well so they can go and party until midnight,” says Elena.

Even though prime wedding season really runs through the winter months, the weather can still have an unwelcome influence on any outdoor wedding.

“Here we book up the backup spaces regardless of the weather so if they are outdoors we always have the indoor backup space for them, because you never know with the weather,” says Elena.

With in-house flower arrangement and a large complement of top chefs, the Ritz-Carlton can provide many services in-house, but the first step with many weddings will be to check on the availability of their preferred vendors should their services be required.

According to Elena, one of the biggest trends at the moment is for highly personalised weddings.

“Weddings are becoming more personalised, which is why the Ritz-Carlton is winning many weddings of more intimate sizes as well, from 30 to 60 people, because they are really trying to build something unique,” she says.

The weddings often utilise a lot of photos of the couple, even on items as mundane as the table numbers. These can be as diverse as childhood photos or engagement photos.

“Quite often when they do their planning visit they do their engagement photos here and they send all their pictures as invitations or ‘save the days’ so it’s really all about them, what they like. Then they choose a theme that is close to them and we try to make it happen,” says Elena.

The planning visit is of course important for much more than just the engagement photos.

“We really try to meet with them if it is possible for them to do a planning visit. We do all the tastings, show them the flowers that they are going to have, we meet with a lot of vendors, entertainment, make-up and hair so that they feel comfortable on the day,” says Elena.

Of course, destination weddings only form one part of the picture, as the Ritz-Carlton is also very popular with local weddings, which often tend to be quite a bit bigger in size than the destination weddings, but do tend towards following similar trends when it comes to personalisation of the wedding.

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Rebecca Davidson