Simplify gift giving

In the aftermath of the big day, the last thing you want to bother with is returning six of the seven toasters you received as wedding presents.

A little bit of planning can go a long way and setting up an event registry at A.L. Thompson’s will not only avoid a toaster incident, but allow your guests to know that whatever gift they pick, it will be exactly what you want.

The process could not be any more simple – just grab a cart, cruise the shelves for the items you would like to place on your registry, and return to the registry desk. There the items will be scanned, creating a list of items with prices, to be placed on the registry shelf alongside the items themselves.

Your guests come in, select the item they would like to give, and cross it off the list. The service even includes free gift wrapping. All event registries are also listed on the A.L. Thompson’s website.

In the Galleries section of the store, you will find all the traditional registry items like china, small (and large) appliances, and a large selection of homeware and decorative items. However, there is no reason to limit yourself to the traditional selection, as A.L. Thompson’s offers a whole lot more.

Many couples give their guests the option of purchasing A.L. Thompson’s gift cards, which allows the couple to pool all the gifts for a big purchase like a major appliance or a television, while they can also hang on to the cards for later use, as the gift cards are valid for two years.

For couples who already have everything they need when it comes to home goods, thinking outside the box can also work wonders, whether it be putting items on the registry to help renovate a bathroom or putting something for the groom on the list, like some good power tools for all those honey-dos that are sure to arise once the honeymoon is over.

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