Slam it with Blue Wave

Once upon a time, the surf lifestyle used to appeal to a niche market. However, when you live on a tropical island with world famous beaches, surf wear and beach wear becomes part of your everyday lifestyle, regardless of who you are.

For Elisabeth Heal of Blue Wave, it is important that the clothing should not just look the part, but also be quality apparel that can stand up to becoming your favourite shirt of pair of board shorts.

Instead of trying to feature as many brands as possible yet not be able to do any of them justice, Blue Wave, located on Shedden Road just above the museum, features some of the big names like Roxy, Billabong and Quicksilver, along with a number of lesser known but quite unique brands like Olukai, a range of ultra comfortable and durable sandals and shoes.

One of the newest additions to the store is 69SLAM. Originally and underwear brand out of Bali, 69Slam has extended its line to include beachwear for guys, girls, and kids. The line is colourful and fresh, with a distinct Euro feel to it. Of course, originating from an underwear line, you can be sure the clothes will fit well and be extremely comfortable.

“I’m trying to introduce something that nobody else has on the Island. This is going to be an exclusive for us,” says Elisabeth.

The brand takes aim at a somewhat more cutting edge audience than some of the established mainstream brands, with the tagline ‘For those who like to ride’ aiming it squarely at the crossover market – skate, surf and BMX, with a sly nod to other leisure time activities.

Elisabeth says the brand has already won quite a firm following in Cayman, and with a much more extended range likely to be in store shortly, she expects to see a definite increase in brand awareness, whether for its beachwear or underwear lines.

“A lot of people are not used to shorter board shorts, but they make short, middle and normal length board shorts,” says Elisabeth.

Currently distributed in more than 30 countries, predominantly in Europe, 69SLAM is not yet distributed in North America… who would have guessed that Cayman could be leading the way in fashion when going up against its northern neighbour?

For more information on Blue Wave, call 949-8166.



Stephen Clarke