Something for the rest of us

Although the bride and groom’s rings garner most of the attention on the wedding day, other jewellery and gifts play a very important role in the run up to the day as well as the day itself.

Glitter for the girls
Although no bride wants her bridesmaids to outshine her on the day, so much time and effort is put into selecting the right bridesmaids and their dresses that rounding off the ensemble with the right jewellery accents is well worth it.

Add to that the fact that the jewellery can also make excellent gifts for the bridesmaids which they can wear after the wedding as well, a necklace and earrings can not only give more sparkle to the wedding day but also help cement important friendships.

Crystal shimmer

One of the favourites among brides is Sorrelli, which features a range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are perfect for accenting a bridesmaid’s dress.

According to Kati of Island Companies, this is what many brides come in and chose for their bridesmaids.

“They are made with Swarovski crystal so they are good quality but they are at a good price point as well. The bridesmaids’ dresses can be pretty colourful, sometimes the brides choose either purples or blues, so they come here to find complementary jewellery. Sorrelli is available in lots of different colours, and they can choose some necklaces and earrings at affordable prices to match with the bridesmaids’ dresses,” she says.

Pearly shine
Of course, crystal is not the only option, with pearls offering another classic option. The soft colours of pearls create the perfect compliment for bridesmaids dresses, or even to complete the bride’s ensemble.

“Pearls are always classic for a wedding, and Honora is a brand that is very affordable again for brides to give away as a gift for bridesmaids to match with any outfit. They come in lots of different styles and colours so once again it is easy to match with the dresses and is a great gift for bridesmaids,” says Kati.

Honora uses cultured freshwater pearls in a wide variety of shapes and colours to create unique yet affordable jewellery that makes it the perfect gift as it is likely to see a lot of use well beyond the wedding day.

Of course, for younger bridesmaids, there can be no more perfect gift than bracelets and beads from Pandora. The fun, colourful brand can not only be matched to their dresses, but can be added to over the years to become a personalised and treasured possession.

The Pandora Boutique at The Mansion in Camana Bay or the Island Plaza in George Town offer a lot more than just the ever popular beads.

“We carry a great selection beyond the beads and bracelets, including watches, rings and earrings. You can experience the full depth of the brand in the Pandora Boutique,” says Steve Biancardi of Islands Companies.

Gifts for the guys
Whether it’s a gift for the best man, or the father of the bride, Islands Companies have a dizzying selection of items that would be the perfect fit.

“We’re finding a lot of people are purchasing a nice, classic watch like a Frédérique Constant, Ulysse Nardin, Vogard or a Cuervo y Sobrinos. It makes a brilliant gift whether for the groom, best man, or father of the bride,” says Steve.

Some brands like Vogard can be personalised as well, while many also offer his and hers watches so that the bride and groom can give one another matched timepieces to celebrate the start of their lives together.

The perfect gift to remind the groom or another member of the wedding party of the unique wedding destination is an Oris Kittiwake limited edition watch. With a very limited production run of only 500 watches, the Oris Kittiwake is a unique product, designed by Oris in conjunction with Island Companies.

The watch even comes with a Kittiwake dive medallion, so should you return to the Cayman Island in the future for an anniversary or vacation, you can dive the Kittiwake site for free.

The watch brands represented at The Mansion as well as other Island Companies stores span a wide range of origins. Cuervo y Sobrinos is a brand that has its roots in pre-revolution Cuba, and was recently resurrected as a luxury brand with designs drawing on a different era when classic elegance ruled.

In keeping with the Cuban heritage of the brand, each watch comes presented not in a standard watch box, but in a cigar humidor. After all, what else could be more quintessentially Cuban than its famous cigars?

Although the wedding is quite often all about the bride, this is an excellent opportunity for the groom to win his father in law over to his side, and the best way to do so (apart from treating his daughter right) is to find the perfect gift.

Few things speak to the luxury of a quintessentially Caribbean lifestyle as a good Cuban cigar, making it the perfect gift for members of the wedding party travelling to Cayman. This is especially true for those visiting from our northern neighbour, where Cuban cigars are not easily obtainable.

Combine a selection of top cigars from the likes of Cohiba with an exquisitely crafted humidor, and chances are your father in law will be indebted to you forever (as long as he is not thrown out of the house for lighting one in his study at home).

At certain times of the year, Island Companies even has a Cuban cigar roller making cigars at Churchill’s Cigars in The Island Plaza, giving customers the opportunity to see not only how a cigar is made, but to purchase a selection of those cigars. Add a photo with the cigar maker, and it adds another memory to the already rich trove of memories that make up a wedding in the Cayman Islands.

Another great gift can be a pair of cufflinks, for although these are not worn often, a nice pair will see use on special occasions, serving as a reminder of a very special day.

“At The Mansion we have everything from very traditional cufflinks in gold and silver to pieces by John Hardy and Stephen Webster for something a little bit different,” says Steve.

In fact, the unique designs created by John Hardy and Stephen Webster give grooms a subtle way to show a glimpse of their personality at even the most traditional of weddings, without causing any upsets within the rest of the wedding party.

“It is a subtle way to show your personality and add a fun aspect,” says Steve.