The host with the most

The Barcadere Marina has become the go-to host for fishing tournaments in Cayman over the last couple of years. This year alone, the marina has already hosted the Barcadere Classic, which was the opening fishing tournament of the season, which will be followed by the Kirk Slam this month and the Cayman Islands International Fishing Tournament early in May.

The close connection between the Barcadere Marina and the fishing tournaments is very important to Neville Scott, the man behind the marina.

“It is a relationship that I have personally worked very hard to develop and maintain,” he says.

From the outset, Neville worked to make the marina as environmentally conscious as possible, and he notes that this has paid off with marine life flourishing in the marina. According to Neville, the marina now boasts lobsters, schools of jacks, barracuda, and even the occasional turtle that ventures in to have a look around.

Regular visitors to the marina will be able to appreciate how quickly projects at the marina have moved ahead recently, with the new Scott’s Marine building almost completed and the construction of the new clubhouse well under way.

With these projects, Neville says the full service marina will soon boast not only the biggest chandlery on Island, but become a social hub for anyone involved in boating, thereby helping to promote what has always been an integral part of Caymanian culture. In fact, Neville has gone as far as to integrate traditional Caymanian architectural features into all of the buildings on the property, in order to create something truly of Cayman.

“I feel strongly that we need to take a long hard look at what we are going to leave behind,” says Neville.

This goes well beyond appealing just to the local market, as the Barcadere Marina has seen an increase in the number of large transitory yachts and sport fishers making use of the marina. With many of the yachts spending in excess of a week here, it represents a substantial injection of capital into the local economy, as they make use of local restaurants, accommodation, car rental and various other services.

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