Finding clothes that flatte

Finding clothing that flatters your figure and hides your flaws can be quite a challenge. No use asking your significant other for help, as he is probably well aware of what to say to stay out of trouble.

Of course, getting your friends to go shopping with you can be very helpful, but they might not always be available, and the better friends you are, the more brutal they can be in their assessment.

According to Karen Marshall, owner of Off the Peg on Elgin Avenue, her main aim is to help customers find that perfect dress, one that makes them look and feel beautiful.

“Our philosophy emphasises honesty and courtesy in a relaxed atmosphere, we want to make the woman look good on her terms,” she says.

The fact that no one in the store works on a commission basis means that they are not pressured to sell.

“The biggest thing we gain from a sale is a happy customer. We are known for our honesty in terms of what someone looks like,” she says with a smile.

Off the Peg has been in business for 10 years, with Karen saying the company thrives on the number of return customers, which includes regular visitors to Cayman who make a point of dropping in when they spend time here.

“I think they like the fact that we are more of a boutique store. It’s retro in some respects – not the fast factory pulling in and pushing out of customers,” she says.

Karen says that the reputation of the company is one of the most important elements to its success.

“Having grown up on the Island, I know that word of mouth is extremely important, and we work with that in mind. Our success really depends on repeat clients, so we are dedicated to providing the shopping experience that will inspire them to return to Off the Peg,” she says.

Karen says that getting to know the customers and their likes and dislikes allows them to engage with customers on a much higher level.

“If we have something that comes in and we know it will appeal to a regular customer we’ll call them and tell them ‘We have a dress here that is just you’,” she says.

However, as service is nothing without product, and vice versa, Karen makes a point of carefully selecting the clothing, bags and jewellery that Off the Peg stocks. You can therefore expect to find quality products but at prices that remain affordable.

Karen says that many big name designers are known more for extravagant pricing than anything else, so if customers are willing to think outside the box when it comes to designers, they can put together a gorgeous ensemble at a fraction of the price it would have cost them had everything carried top designer names.

For more information on Off the Peg,
call 946-5050.



Stephen Clarke