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Time for the Great Outdoors 

Denver Douglas
With 21 years as part of Island Companies behind him, Denver has seen trends come and go. Over time his experience as well as love for watches has enabled him to select timepieces that will stand the test of time while satisfying the current trends as well.

He started out as a salesperson but quickly moved up the ladder to become a manager and then move into buying. Over the last five years he has been solely dedicated to buying watches.
“I’ve always had a passion for watches and tend to be very hands on with them,” he says.

TJ Hendrix
A much more recent arrival than Denver, TJ has been with Island Companies for some 18 months. However, he has extensive experience in the Cayman jewellery market, and his infectious enthusiasm for watches makes him the right person to guide you to the perfect watch.

In spite of being responsible for overseeing the operation of three stores, TJ still finds his most important role is in providing the best possible customer service.
“I like to think that my most important function is in dealing with customers. It is my most important role in the store and also the one that I am best at.”