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Living the high life with Cayman nightlife 

Heineken and the legendary green flash go hand in hand, so when the sun goes down it’s time to get down with it and groove at one of the Heineken-sponsored jam nights in Grand Cayman.
Resident musician and entertainer Derrick McKay hosts each evening, providing sound, structure and in-house assistance (as it were) for those who aren’t so keen to jam solo.

These nights are the perfect choice for those who appreciate live music, or want to sing or play but are band-less. They are held every other night at different venues along Seven Mile Beach, and buckets of Heineken are outrageously inexpensive so patrons can enjoy songs and suds without emptying their wallets.

Calico Jacks – Tuesdays from 8.00pm onwards

Any closer to the beach and this extremely popular bar would be in the sea. Calico Jacks is a top hotspot for residents and visitors, known for its casual Caribbean vibe. People can pull a chair up to the bar or relax on the sand and enjoy food and drink the way it was meant to be savoured – in the great outdoors.

Calico Jacks is a great venue for musical entertainment, and certainly an excellent choice for jam night. Bring along your guitar, your banjo, your accordion or whatever toots your horn and sign up to perform. Singers can also bring their pipes because there will always be some form of accompaniment ready to join them. Who knows? Maybe this is where “Suzy and Mike and his Magic Kazoo” meet for the very first time! Open a Heineken or three and the night is complete.

Aqua Beach – Thursdays from 9.00pm onwards

Aqua Beach was one of the first jam night venues in Grand Cayman and it is carrying on the tradition in fine style. Located in the centre of the Seven Mile strip, Aqua Beach is part outdoors, part indoors and all atmosphere. People head there in the evenings and on the weekends because there is always something going on either live or on the big screens.

You’ll want to get there nice and early to get a good table with a view of the stage and don’t forget to bring your instruments if you want to join in. While you’re sitting and listening or waiting your turn, order yourself a bucket of cold Heinekens (“Greenies”) to wet your whistle.

Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort – Saturdays from 6.00pm to 9.00pm
This earlier jam night is a nice way to start off your Saturday evening. The sun is getting ready to go to bed as the entertainment begins, and as it all happens at the beach bar, you’ll get a prime view of the yellow orb heading for the horizon for sunset. Make sure you have a Heineken in your hand in the hope of seeing the green flash!

The Marriott Beach Resort is one of Grand Cayman’s best hotels and it is ideally situated in the heart of all the nightlife, so you can head there for jam night and then walk on to a number of the bars and clubs in close proximity. Again, carry along your guitar and such-like if you want to play, but there is no charge for just sitting and applauding.



Stephen Clarke