Choosing the perfect setting

(once you’ve got the perfect diamond)

A great setting should show off its diamond occupant to its best advantage. What type of cut have you chosen for your diamond?

This will factor into the setting design you’ll want. In case you’re wondering what the most popular cuts are, Island Companies finds these to be the top five when it comes to clients’ purchases:

Round brilliant – Clean, classic, versatile and with more fire and brilliance than any other shape, it would be difficult to persuade anyone against this choice—as proven by the fact that it accounts for more than half of all diamonds sold today. (For men wishing to surprise their ladies and unsure of what they might like, one could hardly go wrong here).

Princess – Much like the round brilliant, the Princess cut is a classic and elegant shape, although with its sharp corners, boasts more of a contemporary edge. This shape is an ideal way to capture the brilliance and simple elegance of the round and still be “a la mode.”

Cushion – As its name suggests, the cushion cut is a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, resembling a pillow shape. One of the rarer and more unique choices, the cushion cut’s large facets allow for great light dispersion, giving birth to a much larger range of spectral colours and making for a highly scintillating stone.

Marquise – Originally commissioned in 18th century Paris by King Louis XV to emulate the smile of his mistress the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, the Marquise harkens back to the glory of the age d’or, and is also an ideal way to optimise carat weight and elongate the finger.

Hearts on Fire – These stones are “ideal cut” a method designed by Marcel Tolkowsky to deliver the most brilliance and fire. The result is a stunning gem. When a Hearts on Fire diamond is viewed through a proportionscope, a natural phenomenon of heart and fireburst pattern is evident. This is your proof of perfection. Hearts on Fire is the most perfectly cut diamond in the world, and is only available in the Cayman Islands at Diamonds Direct.

Unique settings at Island Companies

A setting should enhance, not overpower the diamond it holds. Island Companies sources settings directly from reputable designers and markets, looking for high quality products that will meet its clients’ needs.

Standard requirements are 14k white and yellow gold, and diamonds in the setting must be of a superior quality to meet Island Companies’ standards. Of course special requests can easily be met, such as 18kt gold or platinum settings and particular ring sizes.

Between all the Diamonds Direct stores in the Cayman Islands there are hundreds of different settings to choose from. They have been specifically created to hold all shapes and sizes of diamond, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for in one store, not to worry – your salesperson will check the other stores for availability, or look overseas if necessary. Island Companies appreciates that this is one of the most important purchases you will ever make, so nothing less than exactly what you want will do.

Once you have chosen the setting for your diamond, it will take only hours for the Island Companies authorised on-island jeweller to flawlessly marry the two pieces. Before you know it, you’ll be at the “I do” part!

“Diamonds never go out of fashion, are eternally elegant and speak the international language of love,” says Marsha Bryant, Director of Merchandising at Island Companies. “At Diamonds Direct we offer quality and value as your trusted retailer for many years and the years to come.

“Your memories can be set in stone.”