Clever Knots is not a band of sailors

A couple of guys got together a couple of years ago, and decided that they had similar ideas when it came to music. Rich Dyer and Sean Ebanks formed the duo Clever Knots and were subsequently joined by well-known local drummer Adrian Ebanks.

This popular trio has now played many live gigs on the island (including sharing the stage with Grammy Award-winning artist John Legend) recorded an album, and generally won fans both from here and abroad with their original sound.

Beyond their musical skills and personalities, their hair certainly makes it impossible to mix them up. Rich Dyer, usually on keyboards and vocals but possibly on guitar and bass has a shock of red hair that pinpoints him as the Scot of the bunch. Sean’s dreadlocks are quite eye-catching as he plays guitar, bass, percussion and sings…not necessarily all at the same time.

And Adrian is sans hair; happy to sit behind the drums and pound away with that impeccable rhythm of his. Together they are a formidable musical force with musical influences that run the gamut from Tom Waits to The Police and beyond.

So what kind of music does Clever Knots play? According to the Barefoot Man himself, it is “a mix; an immaculately chosen blend of blend of R&B, soul and ballady rock ‘n’ roll classics.” Their original number “Yer Fingers” was very well received, and gained them a lot of respect from other musicians who feel that writing and playing originals is really the only way to truly express yourself.

In fact, this original track’s popularity inspired them to record their first album – “Which Books to Burn” – at the local Hopscotch studio. The album is available on iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby if you want to get yourself some excellent locally produced music.

When the lads are not enchanting their fans at gigs, they are busy writing songs, enjoying cold beverages and apparently consuming spicy food, according to their Facebook page. Other fascinating facts include Adrian’s love of air-conditioning, Rich’s ability to drink almost anything in a bottle and Sean’s obsession with Paperman’s coffee and books.

Oh yes, and Rich “investigates soundscapes within songs rather than specific lyrics.” What does that even mean?

Getting into the psyche of this band and trying to figure out what makes them tick may be an interesting journey, but it’s definitely worth it. Go out to see them at one of their gigs, buy their album and enjoy the magical musical mystery tour that is Clever Knots. knots