Cupid’s Corner


Meet the staff 

Cupid is well known as the god of love, and so who better to hand out advice to those who have burning questions when it comes to romance?

Island Companies happens to have a direct line to Cupid, which probably explains why this luxury item purveyor has an uncanny knack for knowing exactly what the romantic in us desires.

Dear Cupid,
My boyfriend is never on time for our dates. I try to gently remind him, but he’s always running late. He just can’t seem to schedule anything. What would you recommend I buy him?
Signed, Frustrated Felicity

Dear Felicity,
Go to Island Companies’ shops and ask one of their knowledgeable staff to show you a Philip Stein Dual Timezone watch (with natural frequencies to keep him in the mood), or a Tissot T-Touch Digital-Analog timepiece. Both of these are stylish and “timeless” so he’ll never be late again!
Yours, Cupid

Dear Cupid,
My girlfriend is a charming sweetheart and she loves collecting items that remind her of special times in her life. I’m stumped on what to get her; what would you suggest?
Signed, Wondering William

Dear William,
Why not consider a Pandora bracelet and charms from Island Companies? The bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewellery, and you and her friends and family can buy her detailed charms that will represent all her wonderful memories.
Yours, Cupid

Dear Cupid,
My wife and I met on Valentine’s Day 10 years ago and I want to get her something really special this year. What can I buy to show her what she means to me?
Signed, Romantic Ronald

Dear Ronald,
Diamond earrings from Island Companies are always a great choice. They can be worn with everything from jeans to formal wear, and are always visible. Every time someone says to her “I love your earrings!” she can always respond with: “Thank you! My husband gave them to me for our 10th anniversary!” They are a beautiful and constant reminder of your love for her.
Yours, Cupid