Dive sites

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Northwest Point, West Side
Boat Dive
The pin is in 60ft of water. Once you reach it, take the swimthrough by the mooring line down to about 85ft and then turn right. You’ll see a series of large coral heads, and you can take your time swimming around them looking for marine life. The coral at this site is pristine as it gets nutrients fed to it by the currents in the area. Expect to see turtles, eels and lots of other active critters at this site. Don’t forget your safety stop as you make your way back to the boat.

Hepp’s Pipeline, Off Macabuca
Boat Dive
The pin is in 30ft of water. Head out away from shore and you’ll come to a mini wall that goes from 40ft to about 65ft in the sand. Go along the wall and check out the unique marine life in this area. This site is not an over-dived one, so it’s in great shape and is rarely busy with other divers. Look for lobsters, macro life and decorator crabs as you swim by. Turn around and head back to the boat with a safety stop before you surface.